View from Camp Trotter
Aerial View

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Before the tornadoPontoon upside downAfter the tornado

Eric Vis has supplied a timelapse of the July 4th Bills Lake sunset, Circle of Fire, and fireworks. Click below. Turn on the sound






























On Thursday afternoon, July 21st, a wind gust -- called a gustnado or mini-tornado - struck the dock area of Deb and Ray Hoag. It lifted the pontoon over their Four Winns speedboat and sent it 50 feet away, landing upside down. The speedboat somehow remained on the mangled boat lift but their 142-foot dock and paddleboat were destroyed. Stray pieces of the pontoon as well as a life jacket were found in the trees. No one was hurt although a tree fell on the roof of their house, located in the Apache zone. The top "Before" picture can be used as a frame of reference. So can the position of the raft.

Photos by Julie Morse