The Lake Street Library

Donor List

Carol and Jim Tower Carol Beauchine Connie McFarland Faye Neureither
Bruce McFarland Betsy and Kevin Dykema Jane Dykema Debbie and Tery Schuiteman
Diane Saylor Lynda and Jerry Carto Betty and Roger Emert Steve and Karen Glasshower
Steve and Barb Neureither Russ and Lynn Blake Dolores Cornelius Nancy Lamphier
Ed and Fran Schroeder Gayle and Dick Glass Wes Farrell Gayle and Pete Anderson
Betty Miller Christina Hribal Rick and Donna Neureither Jill and Tony Blattner
Mona and Dick Harroun Pam Flint Kelly Kovalska Helen Krueger
Cheryl Brand Angela Findley Dale and Joan McWilliams Danette Martin
Pat and Phil Winston Kim and Craig Winston Janel and Eric Mullen Jenny and Matt Stritzinger
Marlene and Roy Hawley Karen and Gerald Holstege Robin Schneider Keith and Bea Meinema
Fred Bishop Kimberly Simbro Sherry Suitor Judy and Ron Madsen
Dave Woodcock Randy and Kathy Emert Ed and Nancy Waits Jerry and Donna Elenbaas
Jeanne Hribal Jessica Hamilton Jan Medler Sue Cobb
Kayla Findley Craig Kidder Melissa Bultema Judy and Gordon Hicks
Deb and Ray Hoag Jodi Hicks Rob and Dynl Crow Martha and Dave Gabrielse
Lisa Bravata Lauren Laviola Mary Pigorish Marlene Hope
Caryn and Brian Kersey Harold Millard Mary and Ken Vanderhyde