The story of the Lake Street Library

Ah, summer, sweet summer. Swimming. Sunning. Sailing. Water skiing. Wakeboarding. Pontooning. Grilling. Reading.

Yes, reading. Long before the concept of “beach reads,” folks have lost themselves in a good book for many pleasant hours during a summer afternoon or evening. Here at the lake, we tend to do this not on the beach but instead on the deck, in the hammock, on a swing, or on the floating patio (a.k.a. pontoon). As kids, many of us remember the good books that filled idle hours and triumphed boredom. Some of us fostered lifelong habits, thanks to our summer reading as youths. Some of these became leisure pleasures. Others developed into vocations.

Steve and Barb Neureither, retired public school teachers from Holt High School (he taught math and drafting; she taught science) moved into a home on Bills Lake full time several years ago. They had purchased a cottage in the Apache zone in 1987, eventually tore it down, and rebuilt the dwelling that they currently live in.

But this is a smaller home than the one back in Leslie, Michigan, “small” being defined as not enough room for their books. Discussions among friends elicited similar situations. Everybody liked to read and wished to share what they have. Therefore Steve and a crew (Tery Schuiteman, Jim Tower, Roger Emert, Steve Moneybrake, Russ Blake, and Keith Meinema) erected a new building near the road.

The result is a dwelling that houses approximately 2,000 books. It is located at 8865 Lake. The list of donors is extensive.

Yours to enjoy.