Bills Lake Association

The Brady Comet

In the 1930s, ‘40s, and ‘50s, Bills Lake residents were occasionally treated to the sight and sound of a Brady Comet, a racing boat powered by a Johnson PR50 engine which zipped around the lake under an astonishing 22 HP, this at a time in which most boat motors were in the single digits. The boat was owned and operated by resident Chet Grant who raced it in various events around southern Newaygo County and brought home more than his share of trophies. The boat was housed in a fieldstone boathouse by the lake in the Geronimo 1 zone (still standing but the boat isn't there anymore).

The boat was built by Roy Brady of Charlevoix in 1929. In 1961, Mr. Grant replaced the Johnson PR50 with a new Mercury 45 HP motor. They ran the boat until 1974 before retiring it.

Top Right: Chet Grant's son Dave with Chet's grandson Jack