Bills Lake

In the middle is Dorothy Knight Mulder, age 8 in 1929 when this picture was taken. To Dorothy's right is her Aunt Dora Wiggins, who died a decade later and bequeathed the cottage to the Knights. Dorothy later married John Mulder, the "Commodore" for whom the July 4th sailboat races are named. The other lady is a cousin, name unknown.
The picture at the right, taken in the mid-1950s, is another view of the Wiggins-Knight-Mulder property, located on the north side of the lake at the boundary of what is now the Blackhawk-Cherokee zones. This is where the July 4th sailboat races begin.
Apache backgroundDeer Point background
Interesting Backgrounds: At left is young Dorothy in 1929. The background is what is currently the Apache zone (a.k.a. Howard Town). Dorothy recently turned 90. To the right is a photo taken in 1959. In both, note the absence of dwellings.