Bills Lake

The above left picture, dated 1939, shows the property at the end of Vanderstel Drive which was once owned by Charles and Anna Lampert, grandparents of Ed Waits. The lady to the right of the lighthouse (in front of the cottage) is Hazel, one of three Lampert daughters. The cottage behind Hazel was probably built in the early 1930s. The lighthouse behind Hazel (right above) became a landmark which was often used as the background for photographs. Her picture is dated 1941.

The two boys seated at the left are Bob and Chuck Waits, brothers of Ed Waits. The lady seated on the swing between the trees is Anna Lampert, their grandmother. The Lamperts, who lived on the corner of Third and Garfield in northwest Grand Rapids, built the cottage at the left in the early 1930s. The lighthouse at the far right -- which is still standing -- was constructed before 1939. The partially-hidden cottage next to the Lampert cottage belonged to long-time resident Ed Phillips. The picture for the postcard was taken in the late 1940s. Picture at right is of Ernestine Waits (left) and Anna Lampert, mother and grandmother respectively of Ed Waits.