Bills Lake


Dora Wiggins, seated with husband Jack, was Dorothy Mulder's aunt. She left the cottage, located on the northeast side of the lake, to then-Dorothy Knight before Dorothy married John Mulder. She is the seven-year-old girl in the background of the left picture. The mother of Dale, Mike and Jeanne (Hribal) Mulder, she will celebrate her 91st birthday in April 2012 which dates this picture as taken in 1928.

Dora is also pictured at the right with an unidentified guest. The cottage was built in 1926. The birchbark branches served to keep the cows out of the yard. The cottage area is where the Commodore John Mulder Memorial Regatta commences each July 4th.

Another picture of Dorothy and Dora -- and the property - can be found on the preceding exhibit.

Jack and Dora Wiggins
Dora Wiggins