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July 4th, 2020
Canoe, Kayak, Paddleboat, and Paddleboard Races

Junior Kayak ---- 1st, Holly Velting --- 2nd, Peyton Deschaine -- 3rd, Rylan Bultema

Senior Kayak ----- 1st, Nate Velting ---- 2nd, Aaron Mulder --- 3rd, Jeff Deschaine

Junior Canoe --- 1st, Caleb Gilsdorf and Brandon Velting -- 2nd, Andrew LaPenna and Elly Hawkins -- 3rd, Peyton Deschaine and Higinio Rolan Rosado

Senior Canoe --- 1st, Pat Zawacki and Felipa Jamayo -- 2nd, Matt Deschaine and Matt Green --- 3rd, Nate and Lyndsey Velting

Junior Aluminum Paddleboat --- 1st, Holly and Brandon Velting --- 2nd, Nolan Richman and Koy Kovalska -- 3rd, Rylan Bultema and Wayland ThompsonC

Senior Aluminum Paddleboat --- 1st, Lyndsey and Melanie Velting --- 2nd, Sam Reign and Alex King --- 3rd, Aubry ?? and Caleb Gilsdorf

Junior Fiberglass Paddleboat --- 1st, Caleb Gilsdorf and Adam Vanenk

Senior Fiberglass Paddleboat --- 1st, Lyndsey and Brandon Velting

Junior Paddleboard -- 1st, Jack Peasley -- 2nd, Brett Peasley -- 3rd, Milena Sremba

Senior Paddleboard --- 1st, Chris Rumsey -- 2nd, Michael Heyboer -- 3rd, Lisa Eldred