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July 4th, 2021
Canoe, Kayak, Paddle Boat, and Paddle Board Races

Junior Paddle Boat ---- 1st: Brandon Velting / Adam Vanek, 2nd: Nolan Richmond / Koy Kovalska, 3rd: Ella and Olivia Kozera

Senior Paddle Boat --- 1st: Rylan Bultema / Preston Luebs, 2nd: Holly and Lindsay Velting, 3rd: Brooke Morse / Ken Coffman

Junior Fiberglass Paddle Boat --- 1st: Adam Vanenk, Brandan Velting, Sara Vanenk

Junior Junior Fiberglass Paddle Boat -- 1st: Wayland Thompson / Brandan Richmond

Senior Fiberglass Paddle Boat --- 1st: Barb and Jenna Vanenk

Junior Paddle Board --- 1st: Jack Peasley, 2nd: Brett Peasley, 3rd: Wayon Thompson

Senior Paddle Boat --- 1st: Chris Rumsey, 2nd: Milena Sremba, 3rd: Jack Peasley

Senior Kayak --- 1st: Kyle Velting, 2nd: Nate Vanenk, 3rd: Jason Peterson

Junior Canoe --- 1st: Peyton Deschine (Alone!), 2nd: Brandon Velting / Adam Vanenk, 3rd: Ben Mulder / Wesley Carl

Senior Canoe --- 1st: Tyler Scott / Jason Peterson, 2nd: Pat and Joe Zawacki, 3rd: Holly and Lindsey Velting


Great turn-out for the races and the games! Thank you to everyone who volunteered and to the association for providing the trophies and the kids' prizes!