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3rd Place, Large Boats
2nd Place, Large Boats

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2nd Place - Large Boats
Mary and Steve Dunlap

3rd Place - Large Boats
Jeff and Evylyn Schut aboard a Prindle

1st Place - Small Boats
Aaron and Drew Mulder

Commodore Jennifer Turner
John and Dorothy Mulder Memorial Regatta

2nd Place -- Small Boats
Doug Herman

First Place-Large Boats
Dale Mulder and grandson Ben. It pays to (1) have a sailboat, (2) read a book on sailing, (3) know which way the wind is blowing, and (4) to be a retired engineer.
When an American Eagle came down to take a fish just before the sailboat races, it was deemed an auspicious start.
American Eagle

For the second time ever, there was no third boat entered, one which automatically would have brought home a trophy
Jeff and Evelyn

Bills Lake


July 3, 2021 Sailboat Races

Aerial View



1st Place, Large Boats